Key Investment Sectors


Uganda has a wealth of investment prospects, especially in agriculture, fisheries, forestry, manufacturing and IT.

Indeed, as one of the leading producers of coffee and bananas in the world, and a major producer of tea, cotton, tobacco, cereals, oilseeds, fresh and preserved fruit, vegetables and nuts, essential oils, flowers and sericulture (silk), agriculture is one of the sectors with a lot of offer.

Another viable sector is fisheries, as it is the second-highest foreign exchange earner for Uganda, with export revenues amounting to an estimated US$220 million in the year 2009. Large fresh water expanses are home to a wide variety of fish products and investment opportunities are available for fish farming and the establishment of more fish processing factories on lakes other than Lake Victoria.

Forestry also is ripe for investment. With over 4.9 million hectares of rich forest vegetation, Uganda possesses abundant potential in areas like timber processing for export, manufacture of high quality furniture/wood products and various packaging materials. There are also opportunities in afforestation and reforestation, especially of medicinal trees and plants, and soft wood plantations for timber, pulp and poles.

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