Topics & Issues

Agriculture & Food Busket

Crop, animals, fisheries, agricultural agencies, policies and regulations, nutrition

Art and Entertainment

Entertainment, recreation, hang outs, theater, art and design,

Climate & Environment

Climate change, policy and regulations, wetland management, meteorology, water resource, autonomous environmental management bodies.

Education & Sports

Education, training centres, educational calendar, UPE, examining bodies

Family, Home and Community

family, home, refugee, community, training institutions, planning, growth

Finance & Taxes

finance, investment, revenue, planning, management, debt, profit, taxes,income, budget

Foreign Affairs & Corporation

foreign affairs, international relations, unity, governance, government, cooperation

Gender & Equality

Gender, human rights, equality, fair treatment, empowering women, children, equal representation, development

Government & Administration

guidelines, government, development, ministries, agencies, departments, Uganda's vision 2040, requirments, immigratin, management, legislation, officers

Health & Nutrition

Health care, family planning, nutrition, life expectancy, medical facilities, medical services, medicine, health, prevention, cure, vacination, balanced diet

Industries & Trade

Industries, Manufacuring, Resources, services, products, requirements, trade, industries and business parks, registration, new emerging companies, development, cooperation

Labour and Employment

labour, job seeking, employment, management, social justice, strong community, development, enterprenuership

Media & Broadcasting

Media, information, projects, alerts, evaluations, governments, monitoring, communication, interation cooperation, broadcasting

Minerals, Exploration & Development

Minerals, resources exploration, oil, natural gas, reserves, development, employment opportunities, mining

National Priorities

National Priorities, Infrastructure, Transport, Health facilities, Citizens, Security, Budget, Development

Power & Energy

Power, generation, distribution, energy, development, industry, electric power transmission

Science & Technology

Science, Information technology, Technology, Internet, development, enterprenuership, invention, education, modification, knowledge, systems, methods of organisation

Security, Law & Justice

Policy, Security, Military, Justice, Law, Governance, Legislature, Guidelines, Requirements, Judiciary, Democracy, System, Police, Government, Development

Tourism & Investment

Tourism, investment, investors, revenue, taxes, cooperation, preservation, protection of environment, wastelands, employment opportunities

Transport & Telecomunication

Transport, Infrasture, airport, roads, telecommunication, interaction, investment, development, resources, services

Votting & Elections

Voting, elections, electoral commission, human rights, leadership, responsibility, government, policy, democracy, politics