Requirements of Student Entry In Uganda


Any foreign national intending to enter into Uganda for purposes of study should:

1. Obtain Uganda visa (if visa prone) to facilitate his /her entry into the country. (Uganda visas may be obtained at Uganda missions abroad or on arrival at the country’s ports of entry)
2. Enter into Uganda from and through only authorized ports of entry.
3. Present valid passport to the Immigration officer at port of entry.
4. Declare purpose of entry into Uganda and intended institution of training.
5. Proceed to designated immigration office after entry and obtain student pass for study in Uganda.


  • All immigrants in Uganda should respect and oblige with national immigration laws, guidelines and formalities.
  • Visas & Student passes do not permit gainful or voluntary employment in Uganda.
  • All East African Community nationals studying or seeking to study in Uganda, must obtain student passes from designated immigration offices.
  • Student Passes for EAC nationals are issued at NO COST. Other nationals should pay the Visa fees in the bank.
  • Study must  be  undertaken from only approved and licensed training establishments.

Primary & Secondary Schools

  1. Obtain and fill student pass forms
  2. Provide covering letter from school addressed to Commissioner Immigration Control Department
  3. Attach copies of parents’ passports
  4. Provide copy of parents’ immigration status e.g. work permit if parents are residents in Uganda
  5. For applicants whose parents do not live/ work in Uganda,applicants should provide:
  6. Letter from parents acknowledging relationship of the resident guardian and child/ student in the country
  7. Consent / covering letter from guardian addressed to the Commissioner Immigration Control Department
  8. Immigration status of host/ guardian e.g. work permit or Uganda passport
  9. Covering letter from school to immigration department indicating year of admission and duration of study.

Tertiary Institutions
Applicant should:

  1. Fill student pass form
  2. Provide covering letter from training institution addressed to Commissioner Immigration Control Department
  3. Provide admission letter from training institution
  4. Attach identification card issued by institution of learning
  5. Students undertaking postgraduate programs, should provide copies of previous academic qualifications.

For More Infomation and Downloable forms visit: Directorate of Citizenship andImmigration Control


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