Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities

 Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities is a Government Ministry with a responsibility to sustain tourism, wildlife and cultural heritage. This is aimed at contributing to transforming Uganda into a prosperous country.

The Ministry has a mission to develop and promote tourism, wildlife and cultural heritage resources. The target is to enhance Uganda as a preferred tourist destination, with accelerated sector contribution to the national economy.

The Ministry commonly known as Ministry of Tourism is made up of a number of Departments which include: Tourism Development; Wildlife Conservation; Museum and Monuments; and Finance and Administration.

The Ministry has a number of affiliated institutions achieve its mission. The institutions in Tourism sector include; Uganda Wildlife Education Centre Trust (UWECT), Uganda Tourist Board (UTB), Uganda Wildlife Training Institute (UWTI), Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (HTTI), Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

Tourism in Uganda is at a turning point with tremendous opportunities emerging and has been named among the World’s top tourists’ destinations.

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities is mandated to:
•    Formulate, Implement Policies of Tourism, Wildlife and Cultural heritage.

•    Sustain and manage wildlife and cultural heritage conservation areas.

•    Diversify Tourism Product.

•    Promote and market Uganda as a preferred tourism destination.

•    Develop human resource capacity in Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage sector

•    Regulate and Quality Assure Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage programs and services.

•    Disseminate and manage Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage Research, information.

•    Negotiate, conclude and implement bilateral and multilateral agreements on Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage in Uganda.

Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Hon. Maria provides political leadership to the entire Ministry.

Basic Contacts: 

Rwenzori Towers 2nd Floor,
Plot 6 Nakasero Road.
Kampala, Uganda.
P. O. Box 4241 Kampala
Phone: +256 414 561 700